List of Villages in Bandipora District of Jammu and Kashmir State

List of Villages in Bandipora District 

List of Villages in Bandipora District
About Bandipora District
Bandipora District is a district located in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is situated in the northern part of the Kashmir Valley and is surrounded by the mountains of the Himalayan range. The district is named after its headquarters town Bandipora.

Geographically the Bandipora District is bounded by the Line of Control (LOC) to the north, Kupwara District to the West, Baramulla District to the southwest and Ganderbal and Kargil districts to the south and east respectively.

Bandipora District is predominantly rural and has a diverse population comprising various ethnic and religious groups. The major language spoken in the district is Kashmiri followed by Urdu and Hindi.

The district is known for its natural beauty and is famous for its picturesque landscapes, pristine lakes and the winding Jhelum River that flows through it. The Wular Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia located in Bandipora District.

Agriculture is the primary occupation of the people in this district in which  rice being the main crop cultivated. Other crops like wheat, maize and vegetables are also grown. The district is also known for its handicrafts particularly the Bandipora wood carving and papier-mache work.

In terms of tourism the Bandipora District offers several attractions for visitors. Apart from the scenic beauty there are historical sites such as the ruins of the Arin Nallah village which is believed to be the oldest human settlement in the region. The famous Lolab Valley that is famous for its apple orchards is also located in the district.

However it is important to note that the region has been affected by the long standing conflict between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region. The district has witnessed its share of unrest and security challenges in the past. The situation in the region is subject to change and it is advisable to refer to the latest travel advisories and follow local authorities instructions when planning a visit to Bandipora District or any area in Jammu and Kashmir.

List of Villages in Bandipora District of Jammu and Kashmir State

Bandipora District comprises a total of 42 villages and 1 town. According to the Census India 2011 it has a total of 28,360 households and a population of 177,738 individuals. Out of the total population there are 93,034 males and 84,704 females. Furthermore the population of children aged 0-6 amounts to 30,109 accounting for 16.94% of the overall population.

S.No     Village Name 

  ✲         Aloosa
  ✲         Anayat Pora (Khar Pora)
  ✲         Ahim Sharif
  ✲         Aragam
  ✲         Arin Dard Pora
  ✲         Ashtongu
  ✲         Bana Koot
  ✲         Bandipore
  ✲         Barar
  ✲         Chak Arsala Khan
  ✲         Chak Rashi Pora
  ✲         Chhandaji
  ✲         Chithi Bandi
  ✲         Chonti Mula
  ✲         Dachi Gam (Zurbaf Pora)
  ✲         Forest Block
  ✲         Gamroo
  ✲         Garoora
  ✲         Gund Dachhana
  ✲         Gund Qasar
  ✲         Gundpora Rampora
  ✲         Kaloosa Nath Pora (Lawi Pora)
  ✲         Kashmir
  ✲         Kheyar
  ✲         Khurshi Pora (Bothu)
  ✲         Konan Baba Gund
  ✲         Koyal Mukam
  ✲         Kudara
  ✲         Kunas
  ✲         Lawadora
  ✲         Malan Gam
  ✲         Manrigam
  ✲         Mangni Pora (Murad Pora)
  ✲         Nadihal
  ✲         Nagin Pora (Athwatu)
  ✲         Owngam (Sonagam)
  ✲         Panji Gam (Phalwan Pora)
  ✲         Patushi
  ✲         Qazipora
  ✲         Rangin Pora (Wavan)
  ✲         Samthan
  ✲         Shok Baba Sumblar
  ✲         Sonagam (Owngam)
  ✲         Soner Wani
  ✲         Takiya Ahmad Shah
  ✲         Wavan (Rangin Pora)
  ✲         Zurbaf Pora (Dachi Gam)

List of Villages of other District in Jammu and Kashmir

 1.            Anantnag

 2.            Bandipore

 3.            Baramulla

 4.            Budgam

 5.            Doda

 6.            Ganderbal

 7.            Jammu

 8.            Kathua

 9.            Kishtwar

 10.          Kulgam

 11.          Kupwara

 12.          Poonch

 13.          Pulwama

 14.          Rajauri

 15.          Ramban

 16.          Reasi

 17.          Samba

 18.          Shopian

 19.          Srinagar

 20.          Udhampur

Important Questions about Bandipora Village of Jammu and Kashmir

How many villages are there in Bandipora District?

Bandipora District is home to a significant number of villages that have 42 vilages

What is the largest village in Bandipora District?

The largest village in Bandipora District is Ajas.

Are there any famous tourist villages in Bandipora District?

Yes, Bandipora District has several villages that attract tourists due to their natural beauty and cultural significance. One such village is Mantrigam that is known for its stunning meadows and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. It is a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Are there any traditional handicraft villages in Bandipora District?

Yes, Bandipora District is known for its rich tradition of handicrafts and there are villages where these crafts thrive. For example the village of Kaloosa is renowned for its skilled artisans engaged in wood carving and papier mache work. Visitors can witness the intricate craftsmanship and even purchase exquisite handmade artifacts.

Are there any eco-friendly villages promoting sustainable practices in Bandipora District?

Yes, in recent years there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable practices in several villages of Bandipora District. The village of Gund Jahangeer has taken initiatives to promote eco-tourism and sustainable agriculture.

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