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Footprints Without Feet Text Questions, Summary

Footprints without Feet is the first lesson in JKBOSE Class 10th Tulip Series English and is also avaible in NCERT CBSE syllabus for class 10th. Get all the Text Questions as well as Summary for Footprints with Feet for the student of JKBOSE as well as CBSE Students.

Footprints without Feet English lesson

Summary on Footprints without Feet

Two boys in London were amazed to see footprints appearing in the mud as if from nowhere. They followed the tracks but eventually lost the trail as the footprints disappeared. It turned out that they had been following the footprints of a scientist who had used his invention to make himself invisible.

Griffin is a  the scientist repeatedly attempted to demonstrate that the human body could be rendered invisible and transparent. He ultimately succeeded in this endeavor by consuming certain medications. Despite the body remaining tangible it became transparent.

Griffin acquired new clothes without paying for them and ate a significant amount of food from the store while being invisible. Once he was fully dressed and visible he realized the store was closed and decided to sleep on a stack of quilts.

The next morning when the store staff found Griffin still asleep in the store they approached him and he panicked, running away. The staff chased after him until Griffin was forced to remove his new clothes and become invisible, leaving him naked and exposed to the freezing winds.

Shivering from the cold, he made his way to Drury Lane. He quietly entered a shop and emerged with bandages wrapped around his body a fake nose attached to his face and a large hat covering his head. He then attacked the shopkeeper stole from him and fled the scene.

Griffin arrived in the village of Iping by train and caused suspicion among the residents due to the unusual timing of his visit. He rented out two rooms at a local lodge but was not receptive when the landlord's wife Mrs. Hall tried to be friendly. He explained that he had come to Iping to be alone and undisturbed.

After running out of cash at the lodge, Griffin lied to the landlord about an impending cheque and proceeded to steal money from the clergyman's desk. However, the clergyman was alerted by the noise and upon opening the door, saw that the desk was open and the money was gone.

Text Questions on Footprints without Feet

Question: 1
Ans :
Griffin was a very intelligent scientist who made a big discovery in science. He did several experiments and showed that the human body could become invisible. He was brave enough to try the dangerous experiment on himself where he took special drugs that made his body see through like a sheet of glass. From this, we can see that Griffin was smart, brave and worked very hard as a scientist.

Question: 2 
The two boys were surprised when they saw a set of muddy barefoot prints on the ground but no one was around. They were shocked when they saw a new foot print appearing out of nowhere. They noticed that more foot prints appeared one after the other going down the steps and down the street.

The boys were very interested and confused by the "Muddy footprints without a Person" and they followed them down the street until the footprints became faint and eventually disappeared completely.

Question: 3
Griffin was a homeless person who had no clothes and was walking on the cold streets of London. He went into a big store in London to get warm. When the store closed and the doors were shut Griffin decided to buy clothes and food for himself no matter how much it cost.

Griffin took some new clothes out of boxes and put them on. He also put on a hat and coat. Then he went to the kitchen and ate some meat, coffee and sweets. After that he drank some wine. Finally he went to sleep on a pile of blankets.

Question: 4
 Griffin fell asleep in a store in London and  wearing all of his clothes. When he woke up and saw the store workers he was afraid of getting in trouble and started running. The store workers saw him and chased him. Griffin was able to get away by taking off his clothes. He ran away naked in the cold winter weather.

Question: 5 
Griffin was running away from a shop in London and needed to find a place to hide. He thought the stock of a theater company might have clothes he could wear and also a disguise to cover his head. He was cold and went to Drury Lane, a place known for theaters.

Griffin used his ability to become invisible to sneak into a store. He went upstairs and returned wearing disguises including bandages on his forehead, dark glasses, a false nose and a big hat with bushy side whiskers. To get away without being noticed he attacked the shopkeeper from behind and stole all the money before running away.

Question: 6 
 Griffin went to a hotel in Iping which was far from London in January. This was a strange time for visitors to arrive. Griffin looked very strange because he had bandages covering his entire face. His strange appearance made people curious and his arrival was unusual

Question: 7
The scientist looked very unusual. He had bandages wrapped around his forehead. He was wearing dark glasses, a fake nose, big side-whiskers and a large hat.

Question: 8
 Griffin came to the inn in Iping in January when no one else was visiting Mrs. Hall, the owner tried to talk to him but he didn't want to talk and just wanted to be left alone. He said he needed to be alone to work and that something had happened to his face. Mrs. Hall was very curious about Griffin, but she thought he was just acting strange.

Question: 10
One morning an extraordinary event occurred after the housekeeping money had been stolen. The landlord and his wife were awoken early by the sight of the scientist's door wide open which was unusual because he always kept it shut and locked and would be angry if anyone entered his room. The couple couldn't resist the opportunity to investigate and sneak a peek into the eccentric customer's room. When they entered they found Griffin's clothes and bandages scattered throughout the room.

Suddenly Mrs. Hall heard a sniff near her ear. A moment later the hat on the bedpost jumped up and smacked her in the face. Then the bedroom chair started moving and charging towards her with a spring in its step. Even when Mrs. Hall and her husband turned and fled in terror, the chair pushed them out of the room and seemed to slam and lock the door behind them. These were the bizarre events that occurred in the stranger's room.

Question: 11 
Mrs. Hall's mother would sit in a chair that almost knocked her over when she was in the Griffin's room. Mrs. Hall thought her mother's spirit was in the chair and acting strangely towards her. However we know that Griffin was actually causing the strange events in the room. Mrs. Hall falling down the stairs in hysterics is supposed to be funny.

Question: 12
 It was widely believed that the strange scientist was responsible for the theft in the clergyman's room. This suspicion only grew when he suddenly had a large sum of cash despite previously claiming to have no money. Mrs. Hall confronted him about the moving chair causing the scientist to become enraged and declare that he would prove his identity. In a fit of anger he removed his bandages, whiskers, glasses and even his fake nose. Those in the bar were shocked to see that the scientist was actually a headless man.

Question: 13
 When Constable Jaffers arrived at the inn, he was shocked to find that Griffin had already removed his head bandages, whiskers, glasses and fake nose revealing that he was in fact a headless man. Despite his surprise, Jaffers tried to apprehend Griffin who fought back by throwing off his clothing one piece at a time. Eventually a shirt flew into the air and Jaffers found himself grappling with an invisible opponent. During the struggle Griffin managed to knock Jaffers unconscious and escape once again.

Question: 14
Mrs. Hall was certain that the scientist's room had been locked from the inside and she had not seen anyone inside when the "mysterious chair" pushed her out of the room.

Despite the room being locked from the inside, Griffin emerged from it a while later causing Mrs. Hall to become even more suspicious of the peculiar stranger. When she dared to confront him he became extremely angry and yelled that he would reveal his true identity. His volatile behavior towards everyone including Constable Jaffers demonstrated that the scientist had a short temper.

Do you think Griffin misused his discovery?
 Despite his brilliance, Griffin ultimately misused his discovery of becoming invisible. He disregarded the law, resorted to theft, displayed violent behavior and caused fear among innocent people. None of his actions were ethical or legal.

In a moment of anger, Griffin set fire to his landlord's house. He then broke into a store and helped himself to food and clothing without paying for them. When he was caught he fled and entered another store and stealing items there as well. He even attacked the shopkeeper before escaping. While taking shelter at the Iping inn he stole money from the clergyman. He also frightened the inn's landlady and her husband by moving furniture while in his invisible state. When a police officer attempted to arrest him he knocked him unconscious. These actions demonstrate that Griffin had become lawless and abused his discovery.

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